Our Vision

The High School for Language and Diplomacy provides a college-preparatory education committed to the intellectual, cultural and social growth of the students of New York City. We ensure a welcoming community of honesty and respect, develop the academic skills of students of all backgrounds through engaging instruction across content areas, and provide programs directed toward social-emotional health. Our environment fosters service-oriented flexible thinkers through collaboration in and out of the classroom.  We strive to develop a sense of commitment in our students to themselves, their school, and the outside world, graduating proactive global citizens.  

Session One

Regents Tutoring Academies

Session one meets:


Summer Regents Tutoring Academies

Starting Monday July 30 , 2018

at High School for Fashion Industries

Click link below to view exam tutoring dates and room number.

 Regents Boot Camp Schedule August 2018 _ Fashion.pdf


Session Two

Regents Tutoring Academies

Session Two Meets:


Celebrating Our Graduating Class of 2018!

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Summer School : July 5- August 15


For students who are registered for classes: 

Summer classes will be held at  High School of Fashion Industries located at :

225 West 24th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue.  

Telephone: 212-255-1235

Classes will begin on Thursday, July 5th and end on Wednesday , August 15th ,2018

Students should report to summer school site at 8 am and bring summer school letter and your school ID.

Summer School Bell Schedule

Period 1:   8:10 am -9:40 am

Period 2:    9:45 am-11:15 am

Period 3:    11:20 am-12:50 pm

***Not all students will receive 3 periods of classes. Student program will be based on class availability 


For students who are registered for EXAM ONLY: 

You will receive information regarding your exam time and date via mail or phone message.

A Regents Review schedule will be posted soon. 

   Regents and RCT exams will take place on August 16th and August 17th. 

 Regents Schedule August 2018.pdf 




 Thursday August 16, 2018 



Friday August 17, 2018


 Regents Schedule August 2018.pdf