I heard about a new debate room being added to LAD. I was excited to have a space where I can argue with people and express myself. So I said to myself, “I have to see this room”. I opened the door and took a peak. The construction workers made eye contact with me and I awkwardly stood there staring. The room smelled like paint and the dust was visible from miles away, but it was perfect. The lights reflected on the polished floor and shined on the school logo. What caught my eye next was the podium.  I could already picture myself standing there. I thought . It was a glimpse of this room that gave me hope for the future of LAD. I felt it was symbolic because it represents the reason why I came here and I hope future students of LAD appreciate it as much as I do.

Lirika Veseli,  Class of 2018

The Diplomacy Room

I’ve made a lot of memories in this school starting from freshman year and now closing it with senior year. My experience in this school was something unique, something I wouldn’t have imagined. I’ve made friends, lost friends, and developed new relationships with new people. This school was different but it was missing something. Something that represented LAD to let people know what our school is about. The Diplomacy room was a great addition to that and I’m honored and lucky to be one of the first students to experience it. LAD now has something that makes it complete, from the faculty, staff, and of course the students. This room is something that I will always remember about being in high school.

Tyshawn Bodden, Class of 2018